Mixed Media Artist


Serenity’s Dreams


10″x20″ mixed media painting on wood. The sides are 1.5″ deep and are turquoise.

This painting is available HERE

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere” – Carl Sagan

Poppy Slices

Blue-and-Turquoise-Poppy-Slice Orange-Poppy-Slice

3″ x  24″ mixed media/ encaustic paintings on wood.  These paintings are 1.5″ deep and are turquoise.

Blue And Turquoise Poppy Slice available HERE

Orange Poppy Slice available HERE

Mailing Dates For Online Customers

I’m going to take this time to mention shipping. As you know, shipping is crazy this time of year so please check out this CANADA POST 2014 HOLIDAY  MAILING DATES.  I really want you to get all of your orders on time so please take note.  Get ahead of the crowds and purchase early to avoid disappointment. ( I do not quote WORLD WIDE PRIORITY on ETSY  and it will be extra if needed).

Don’t forget to check out my SALE that is currently on in my Etsy store! 30% off originals and 10% off prints. GO HERE to check it out and for more details read this BLOG Post

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 5.59.36 PM

Hope you all had a thoughtful Remembrance Day. This one is still for sale in  my shop. Red Poppies in honour of all those who fought and continue to fight for our freedom. Thank you.  Your bravery never ceases to amaze me.


Available HERE (30% off with coupon THIRTY)

Celebration SALE For Online Customers

Ok Lovelies,

As you know, next Saturday, November 15,   I am having a one year anniversary sale in celebration of my  Edmonton Gallery Shop.  Well, I’ve decided to extend this sale to all of you online folks. You are so good to me and   I ‘d hate to think that you were thinking about buying a painting for some special person (like yourself) and you missed out on getting 30% off (yes, THIRTY %  off)  all original paintings and 10% off all fine art reproductions.

When purchasing an original painting just remember to use the code THIRTY  to get 30% off at check out.

When purchasing an fine art print (this includes ACEO and mounted and unmounted prints) just remember to use the code PRINT to get 10% off  at check out.

THIS SALE STARTS NOV 8 and runs until NOV 16/2014


Just Some of paintings that are still available in both my Etsy store and my  Edmonton gallery shop:


“Asian Vase with Peonies” Available HERE  30% off with coupon THIRTY



“Stardust” available HERE  30% with coupon code THIRTY


“Freedom To Dream” available HERE 30% off with coupon code THIRTY

Just Some of my Fine art reproductions available:


Hopes And Dreams 12″x16″ fine art reproduction mounted on 1.5 inch deep wood cradle with red sides. Available HERE  10% off


Circus Dogs   3″x18″ fine art reproduction on wood. The sides are 1.5″ deep and are painted red. Available HERE 10% off




Open edition ACEO “Light My Way” fine art reproduction available  HERE 10% off




Butterflies And Bleeding Hearts


3″x 30″ mixed media painting on wood. This painting has 1.5″ deep sides that are painted red.

This painting is available HERE


The Butterfly Whisperer



She whispers to your dreams and sets them a flight.

Her Prayer


6″x8″ mixed media painting on wood. This painting is 1.5″ deep and the sides are painted red.

This painting is available Here


Courage To Dream

Courage-To-Dream9″x12″ mixed media painting on wood. The sides are 1.5″ deep and are painted red.

This painting is available HERE


The greatest gift we can give our children is the courage to dream and the confidence and wisdom to not listen to people that try to steal those dreams.


All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney

The greatest gift we can give our children is the courage to dream.

15% off REDBUBBLE Today

Just use the coupon RBHOLIDAY15 at checkout.

You just may need anew  throw pillow for your christmas party.tp,220x200,ffffff,t-pad,220x200,ffffff.6u1tp,220x200,ffffff,t-pad,220x200,ffffff-1.6u1 tp,220x200,ffffff,t-pad,220x200,ffffff-2.6u1


Perhaps  a new Phone cover?mwo,220x200,iphone_6_snap-pad,220x200,ffffff-1.2u1 mwo,220x200,iphone_6_snap-pad,220x200,ffffff.2u1 mwo,220x200,samsung_galaxy_s5_snap-pad,220x200,ffffff.u1

I know you need a new calendar (also a great gift for teachers).caf,220x200,2015,QmVhdXRpZnVsIFRoaW5ncw==-pad,220x200,ffffff.2u1 caf,220x200,2015,RHJlYW0gV2FycmlvcnM=-pad,220x200,ffffff.2u1 caf,220x200,2015,TWFrZS4gQmVsaWV2ZS4=-pad,220x200,ffffff.2u1


OR  a tote bag? (also a great teacher gift!)tb,220x200,flat-pad,220x200,ffffff-1.2u1 tb,220x200,flat-pad,220x200,ffffff-2.2u1 tb,220x200,flat-pad,220x200,ffffff.2u1


One Year Gallery/Shop Anniversary …Save The Date

Hello dear friends and customers,

Thanks so much for your ongoing support (both emotionally and monetarily). Everyday you can feel happy knowing that you are true patrons of the arts and that you have succeeded in making a little girls dreams come true.  All I ever wanted to be is a Mum ( I can’t give you any credit for this but I am a way happier Mum …so my children do thank you) and an artist.


You helped make that happen.

I hope you can come and celebrate this special day with me!

My love and appreciation,


Where: 10563 97st, Edmonton,AB

When: November 15, 12-5pm

Contact: 780-604-7523 or maria@mariapacewynters.com

An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one. ~Charles Horton Cooley

One year anniversary

*That’s the sound magic makes



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